About Me

Cairns~Wedding Celebrant~Kuranda~

Hi I’m Bonnie and my life revolves around acceptance, love, passion and romance, OMG its exhilarating. I travel everywhere from Kuranda to perform ceremonies for weddings and life celebrations. When you’re planning any celebration either a wedding, gay ceremony or farewell ceremony, keep in mind the Cairns region is very versatile. Possibilities are endless of where to hold your sacred celebration, can be bush garden, deserted beach, Kuranda Riverboat, magnificent lookouts, lush rain forest,  dreamy verandas, rustic sheds or wide open spaces, even cane fields if you know the farmer. It’s fabulous to be involved with dazzling elegant ceremonies that dare to be different, ones that have unique styles a sense of fun with the ability to include alternative or spiritual ideas. It’s interesting to see independent styles, creative energies and interesting characters, I feel celebrations from the unpretentious to the majestic put zest into our every day lives. Ah the world’s filled with extraordinary ordinary personalities with their beautiful energy **))~((* I have a charming funky table and chairs for you to autograph all legal documents on and you get to take home a Pretty Presentation Marriage Certificate to remind you whom you married on this day, heh heh. During our emails and meetings you will get lots of understanding of what you want and desire for your ceremony, along with laughter which is more important than you imagine, its a powerful antidote to stress and conflict, it lightens burdens, inspires dreams and keeps you grounded and focus. It’s what every awe-inspiring bride needs on their wedding day to look drop dead gorgeous and relaxed as they approach their lover, boyfriend and chosen one for life, plus in years to come when the wedding photos are pulled out of the cupboard they will be a reminder of how beautiful and in love you looked, photo’s never lie.Bonnie

“Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love” Hafiz

A glance into my life

Here’s a quick glance at my life in Kuranda I’m sure the Gods and Goddesses were speaking the same language when Kuranda was formed. It’s a magnificent area cool ancient rain forest with a spiritual energy.  I’ve lived here 35 years and l still love and enjoy life in the relaxed ambiance of Kuranda’s energy. For years l have been meditating and traveled to Borneo/Sabah and Burma/Myanmar, Germany and Slovenia with our meditation group. One of the most fascinating aspects of Myanmar are their temples & pagodas, l love their culture. Not keen on Thailand and l loved North Wales no pagodas there, though lots of ruined castles and churches. Imagine how holy one would feel living in an old church. Ah to be blessed for life ~~

IMG_0524 Hacka and I have an outrageous desire to cruise around in the old 4WD Ute, finding unspoiled places to camp where we don’t have to listen to anyone’s head banging music humming out of tune with the wild life. Lying on the sun lounge reading a novel beside a clear flowing creek is what l call luxurious this days.  Its also unbelievable that the Gods freely set aside for me a husband who eats salads and can cook eggs & bacon oh la la. Its amazing after 40 years of marriage l still love him because his crazy and makes me laugh, ha ha. Thanks to Mrs God for humor it works against disagreements and madness especially needed when deciding where to set up the tarps when camping~~~sss

 One of my great loves is revamping new/old cotton and silk clothes. I can honestly say some pieces look divine and others look tragic the tragic ones I give to op shops. Don’t worry I don’t wear any of them to my ceremonies, ha ha. I’m thrilled when I see someone wearing a garment I revamped around the village. Not quite sure what to think when its a male wearing it. Though life is completely different for every individual, each person deserves respect, regardless of what they are wearing, my husband refuses to wear any thing l sew for him, heh heh. 

Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see”. David Thoreau