I’m enthusiastic in helping you to create your wedding ceremony.  

It has to  be a true reflection of your own style and values. Marriage is a time of transition moving into the next phase of your togetherness. Weddings represent love acceptance passion and sometimes courage to do what you want. Don’t do what others think you should say, wear or invite.  Follow your own heart after all it is your wedding day. I’ll go wherever you want to say your vows to one another. I want you to feel confidence and comfortable in whatever setting you desire.

On the day I’ll bring fabulous garden setting to sign documents on, one amazing PA cordless mic for you and head mic for me. I lodge all required documents with BDM that’s my job – he he.

Cost depends on what you wish to have every wedding is different.
Celebrants charge between $575 and $750.  Across Australia, the average cost is $670. Given Australian weddings typically cost $36,245, this means Australian couples spend 2% of their wedding budget on Marriage Celebrant




Alternative or Micro Wedding

I support couples who question the expectations of tradition weddings. It’s refreshing to see couples expressing themselves through different fashion, music, and culture.  Watching, learning and listening to those who question the expectations that comes with traditional massive wedding ceremonies. Love is programmed into us. It’s important to respect your inner self and express whatever your heart tells you is right for you. It’s your wedding day do what you want to do, wear what you want, invite who you like and say whatever you think.

Legal Stuff : You must get a Notice of Intended Marriage.

Documents Required in Australia must be original certificates and sighted by your celebrant prior to marriage. You can download Notice of Intended Marriage document, from Birth Death Marriages or from any Marriage Celebrant or Court House in Australia. If you are from overseas any Australian Embassy will have NOIM forms.  NOIM has to be witnessed by either: Marriage Celebrant ~Justice of the Peace Police Member of a State or Territory. NOIM needs to be lodged no later than one month before the date of your marriage and is valid for 18 months. One signature is sufficient to be witnessed, the other signature can be signed later even if it’s one hour before the ceremony. All documents must be in English. If not, they’ll need to be officially translated and authorized by a person who is a legally recognized. Two English-speaking witnesses over the age of 18 are required on the day of the ceremony. You must bring original documents with you or there will be tears before bedtime. This is not complicated, it’s easy don’t let bureaucracy scare you.

For Overseas Requirements:  NOIM document please have your signature witnessed in the presence of ~Australian Embassy Official~ Australian Consular Officer ~A Notary Public, then email to me