About Me

Cairns Wedding Celebrant 

Hello future Brides and Grooms, I’m a celebrant who respects  those who dare to walk off the beaten aisle. Those who chose no fuss easy style weddings. My life revolves around acceptance, passion and romance, OMG it’s exhilarating! I find it’s amazing to be involved with relaxed carefree couples who have independent styles, creative energies and alternative ideas. From me, you will get exactly what you desire for your ceremony, along with laughter which is more important than you imagine! Laughter is a powerful antidote to wedding day stress and it’s what every bride needs to look relaxed and drop dead gorgeous as they approach their boyfriend, partner, fiancé.

I travel everywhere from Kuranda to perform weddings, elopements, same-sex ceremonies or whatever ceremony your heart desires. This region is versatile in where to hold your celebration, some examples include bush gardens, Kuranda Riverboat, Wrights Lookout, rain forest,  dreamy verandas, even cane fields. And then there are all the beaches or islands as well! Kuranda is between the coast and Tablelands and allows me to arrive at most venues within an hour’s travel time, because l’m a fast driver though don’t tell anyone I said that heh heh.

Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love” Hafiz


A glance into my life
Here’s a quick glance at my life in Kuranda. It’s a magnificent area cool ancient rain forest with a spiritual energy.  I’ve lived here many years and still love and enjoy the ambiance of Kuranda’s energy. I am a long term meditator and have travelled to Sabah, Myanmar, Germany and Slovenia with our meditation group.

I have a husband who eats salads and can cook eggs & bacon and after 40 years of marriage he still makes me laugh. His humour works on me, especially when deciding where to set up when camping.

Hacka ( as he is known) and I have cruise around in the old 4WD Ute, finding unspoiled places to camp where we don’t have to listen to anyone else’s music. Being out in nature and reading a book, beside a clear flowing creek is what l call luxurious this days. Life is full of wonderful blessings isn’t it?

           It’s not what you look at that matters, its what you see”.

David Thoreau