Budget Registry Style


I offer a fabulous budget registry style ceremony, which is a simple, stylish, elegant and affordable wedding service. There’s no catch to my alternative budget registry  ceremony. If you chose to go to Cairns, Registry Office by all means go to Cairns. If you chose my Registry Budget ceremony, you can get married wherever you want. You have two different ceremonies to choose from. The style of ceremony I offer has more freedom and flexibility than the registry office. I provide this simple easy alternative because its time saving. No planning needed and you have a  relaxed harmonious atmosphere. Weddings don’t have to  break the bank, you can still wear a gorgeous dress and have your photos taken. This ceremony is just me & my briefcase.  No sound system – no personalized written ceremony. A simple legal ceremony with an oodles of love floating in the atmosphere. My ceremonies take approx 15 minutes from start to finish. I’m available Monday/Friday $350 , Saturday-Sunday $450. Travel time will be added if I have to journey to your venue $35/$55. 

~Check out Wrights Lookout Kuranda or Clifton Beach.

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  Legal Stuff

UnknownTo complete NOIM you need your  birth certificates and evidence of previous marriage termination. Dealing with governments might sound complicated though its easy peasy. Don’t let bureaucracy scare you, heh heh, come and see me then we can fill NOIM in. Registry office in Cairns are Monday/Friday 3pm, Saturdays 10.am not available Sundays. I’m available at all times and everyday.   CONFUCIUS said If you find a job that you really love you’ll never work a day in your life ~ I’ll never work again I’ve found a job I absolutely LOVE ♥

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