~Budget Registry Style~

il_fullxfull.388657143_ga1aI offer a fabulous registry style/ budget ceremony which is a dignified and affordable wedding service. The style of ceremony I offer has more freedom and flexibility than the registry office and its simple, stylish, elegant and affordable.  I’m available Monday/Friday  $325 , Saturday-Sunday $450, I’ll give you the choice of  two different ceremonies which take 15-18 minutes, from start to finish. Travel time will be added if I have to journey to your venue depending on where your ceremony will be $35/$55.   I provide this simple easy alternative because its time saving, no planning needed and fabulous for the budget, you’ll have my experience with unique flair with a relaxed harmonious atmosphere. There’s no catch to my alternative registry style ceremony, if you chose the registry office you go to Cairns, if you chose my option you get married wherever you want. Weddings don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, besides some brides aren’t interested in colour coordinated chair covers or bows for bridesmaids let alone learning to waltz. No worries about embarrassing speech after the drinking has began, ooh no. If you’re looking for an affordable ceremony with style contact me, you can even have your photo taken.  This ceremony is just me & my briefcase  – no sound system – no personalized written ceremony, just a simple lovely legal wedding ceremony with an abundance of love.~~~~Check out Wrights Lookout at Kuranda or Barron Falls.

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  Legal Law Business

UnknownNotice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must be lodged  no less than one month  before the day of your wedding. NOIM  can be downloaded  https://www.qld.gov.au/law/births-deaths-marriages-and-divorces/birth-death-and-marriage-certificates, any court or celebrant will  give you one. To complete NOIM you need your  birth certificates,  passports must have a signed Statutory Declaration if there’s no birth certificate, evidence of previous marriage termination… It might sound complicated though its easy peasy don’t let bureaucracy scare you, heh heh, come and see me then we can fill NOIM in. At the registry office in Cairns  their  times are Mon to Fri 3pm, Saturdays 10.am, not available Sundays, there’s no choice of ceremonies. CONFUCIUS said If you find a job that you really love you’ll never work a day in your life ~ I’ll never work again cause I’ve found a job I absolutely LOVE ♥

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