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Postal Address   Bonnie Harris  Post Office Kuranda  Queensland Australia 4881

Cost Every Wedding Service is Different

Cost depends on what you wish to have every wedding is different. Registry Style $350 weekdays $450 weekends. Elopements $500/$550 Weddings $580 upwards depends of how elaborate your desires. Add travel if ceremony is outside of Kuranda. Celebrants generally charge between $575 and $750. Across Australia, the average cost is $670.  Australian weddings typically cost $36,000 this means couples spend less than 5% of the wedding budget on a Marriage Celebrant

OMG Fascinating and without us there would be no wedding thats funny.
​Here’s a quick run down of why our costs are relevant. Running an office, stationery supplies, marketing,  telephone, computer, clothing, travel expenses, PA system, headset microphone, cord free microphone. Plus compulsory annual ongoing professional fee and annual celebrant registration fee, it’s a jungle out there.  Another aspect  is our face to face meetings,  ensuring legal requirements are correct, responding to your questions and emails,  rehearsal at the venue and ‘turning up on the day” that’s our job and celebrants love it, om la la.  As the wise Confusius said
  Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, ha ha      


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