♥ ♥ ♥ This ceremony is definitely a ceremony with simplicity as the essence.♥ ♥ ♥

Some couples start off planning a traditional wedding but the budget keeps blowing out of control, aahh freak out!!! Or family members with alter egos enter the picture, your fun wedding is starting to feel like the wedding from hell, so you decide to elope instead. To run away with your lover, with the intention of getting married, doesn’t mean you’re getting married suddenly or secretively. Couples who elope might also have been previously married or are young couples who don’t wish to spend their house deposit on a wedding.

Unlike the days of Pride & Prejudice, when Elizabeth burst into tears at the news of her sister’s elopement, todays couples may elope purely for the simplicity of it. When you’re ready to move onto the next phase of togetherness, contact me and we’ll talk about your romantic elopement. Ooh la la


Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul ~ Charlie Chapman

images I’m a lover of unique celebrations that have a divine ambiance that transcends into our very souls. Elopements have an intimacy and romance about them which is enticing. l can put you in contact with an amazing photographer (who won’t break your bank) its worth it to look drop dead gorgeous and have photos to prove you looked relaxed and stunning. I have a few suggestions of fabulous free outdoor venues for you to look. My fee depends on date and location.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere; they’re in each other all along.~Rumi

      Legal Stuff To Be Done

UnknownNOIM needs to be lodged by me, no later than one month before the date of your marriage and is valid for 18 months. One signature is sufficient to be witnessed, the other signature can be signed later even if it’s one hour before the ceremony. Documents must be in English if not, they’ll need to be officially translated and authorised by a person who is a legally recognised. Two witnesses over the age of 18 are required on the day of the ceremony, they must be able to speak and understand English. Requirements for Overseas: NOIM  have your signature witnessed in the presence of ~Australian Embassy Official~ Australian Consular Officer~A Notary Public.  Kuranda is between the coast and Tablelands it gives me the advantage to arrive at most venues within the hour, plus I’m a very fast driver, though don’t tell I said that….

  I want to know the joy of how you whisper “more” ― Rumi