Live Wakes & Funerals

Live Wakes 

The history of  live wakes is a ritual from our past. Gathering around a  loved one to uplift them actually dates back centuries. Dying was a social affair attended by the family and community. The dying person would give a speech about their wisdom gained in life. Friends and family would  listen and express love and gratitude. The ritual died in the twentieth-century when death moved out of the home and community and into the hospital. If you’re organising your own  live wake congratulations you’ll have a fabulous farewell. A live wake offers a time to learn about the “whole life” of a loved one. When might a person chose to indulge in such a ritual?

Some people know when their time is short and the body is in decline.  The live wake is so instrumental in stimulating  family and friends to begin to talk about the possibility of the end.  The ritual binds everyone because people can have their say.  Words of love ribbing and friendship knowing the honouree is hearing it.  It’s so gratifying especially  when we  feel completely out of control. They call the end of life awful, well a good ritual shatters isolation. It leads the way to transformation and extraordinary memories, for family and friends.

Funerals Celebrating Life 

                                                                                             peace-tree-b-1200x600 The art  of dying gracefully is nowhere advertised, in spite of the fact that its market potential would be  enormous. It’s an emotional time to be making decisions for  who have crossed this mysterious threshold before us. These days people are developing their own philosophies on life.  Spiritual and alternative ceremonies play a central role these days.. If you’re arranging one for a friend who has left no instructions then you have to do the best when deciding how to obtain  a personalised celebration. Ceremonies are designed to celebrate and rejoice, they are done with grace to lift the energy and reflect positively on the completion of life. Do everything with gracious style that will never be forgotten.  It will weave together and nourish all who gather to pay tribute.

Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated~~~Confucius