~ Weddings ~

                Your Stylish Wedding Ceremony

      Love means acceptance, responsibility, passion, courage, and the ability to stay open plus the value we place on ourselves and others.. Your wedding ceremony is a time of transition to move to the next phase of togetherness. You can have a simple impressive wedding ceremony beneath a graceful old tree or get your friends together and gather early on the beach at sunrise.  A small stylish ceremony with family or a lavish ceremony in a beautiful tropical garden at some random place, that’s if you know any!!!!. Vows are the most important part of your ceremony even more important than the signing of the register. Your vows are the oath you’re making to each other ~~ the way you vocalize or utter your commitment to the person you love the most in the whole wide world it’s about your life long commitment. When you say your vows, speak to your lover, look them in the eye, speak only to them, words are more powerful when they are your own.  I’m enthusiastic in helping to create your ceremony so its your style of ceremony and should be a true reflection to your character, beliefs, values and passion. My favorite places ~ Cedar Park  because its rustic, quirky and private, Kuranda Riverboat for a fabulous atmosphere, truly divine on the Barror River, Ellis Beach early mornings truly magical, Tinaroo near the lake is a picturesque setting. I’ll go where ever you desire WHY because l want you to feel confidence & comfortable in whatever venue you chose.  Your wedding is about you, don’t waste energy worrying what others think you should wear, invite, say or do, om la la, follow your heart and be yourself~~~~~its your day.

Where ever you go, go with all your heart~ ~ Confucius



Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

The dictionary defines alternative as “something other than what is generally accepted.” To me, alternative isn’t about rebelling or showing the world how eccentric you are.  Rather it’s about questioning the wedding visions you’ve been fed and striving to create an occasion that’s an authentic reflection of you. I have learned that our capacity to love and our capacity for love grows and evolves as we do in life. I cherish seeing the way non-traditional couples chose to celebrate their commitment and express themselves through fashion, rituals and art. Plus, I genuinely enjoy supporting couples as they question and challenge the massive cultural expectations that come with traditional wedding ceremonies. An alternative ceremony can be as simple as ringing a bell or using a Tibetan bowl to announce your sacred ceremony is about to be begin. Circles have been used in ceremonies since the beginning of time stones, flowers, vines, feathers or shells all look effective in a circle. A visual ceremony changes the oomph energy of the occasion. Love is programmed into us and its important to honour our deepest inner selves in having the ceremony your heart tells you is right for you.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love ~~~ Rumi




UnknownSerious Business

Legal parts  so our government knows of your up coming ceremony.  Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be lodged no more than 18 months & no less than 1 month before your wedding. NOIM are available from any Court in Australia, Australian Embassy overseas, marriage celebrant or downloaded  https://www.qld.gov.au  NOIM has to be signed by both parties intending to marry and witnessed by marriage celebrants, police officers or Justice of Peace. One signature is enough to be lodged, the other person can sign in front of your celebrant at a later date. We need birth certificates,  overseas passports, evidence of previous marriage termination… Cost of a wedding ceremony depends on what you desire for your ceremony.  Most ceremonies cost between $550 /$600,  my fee depends on date, time, size and location, costs include my time preparing your ceremony, meetings, travel, rehearsal, lodging official government documents and of course the normal costs of running a  zany offbeat office, ha ha.  Kuranda is between the coast and Tablelands so it gives me the advantage to arrive at most venues within the hour, plus I’m a very fast driver, though don’t tell I said that….

Start seeing everything as divine love, but keep it a secret~ ~Hafiz